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Logo of Virtue Juice Bar in Vacaville California


Opening in Spring of 2019, Virtue Juice Bar is making history as the first juice bar to prepare and serve cold pressed juice on demand.  VJB is a brand new concept restaurant with plans for extensive expansion throughout California. Distinguishing a brand that can grow along with the company was the challenge.  The logo possesses subtle meaningful characteristics.  The six sided polygon shape represents the company's six key virtues.  The underline in the '"U" puts the emphasis on "you" the customer.  The "U" is also representative of a glass of juice. 

In addition to the graphic design, JAX Design had the honor to carry out the VJB brand into all aspects of the interior of the restaurant. 


  • Name consultation

  • Identity

  • Menu Boards

  • Consultation on Apparel, Signage, Glassware

  • Consultation on all aspects of Interior Design: Paint, Wood, Floors, Paneling, Lighting, Furniture, Decor

  • Custom Steel Wall Art Design

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  • Instagram
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